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Ysart Glass Background – the people.

This page is intended to provide a single point of reference to the people related to Ysart Glass and its descendants; all other pages will be reviewed against this page. The list is copyleft protected to encourage sharing by researchers and writers.

In the following table the Ysart’s are listed chronologically followed by all the others in alphabetic order. Where a country is not specified for a location, then it is Scotland.


Birth – Death
The Ysart family in Chronological order
Salvador Savate Isart
Name changed by UK immigration to Salvador Ysart.
1878 – 1955 Born in Barcelona, Spain.
Worked at: ? Spain, ? France, Schneider, Leith Flint, A R Cochran, Moncrieff, Ysart Brothers Glass, Vasart.
Married (1) before 1903? Enriqueta Moreno. 1876–1932. Remarried 1934 (2) Annie Sturrock Miller (nee Ramsay) 1880–?
Children: Pablo, Agustin, Vicente, Antonio.
Pablo Moreno Isart
Name changed by UK immigration to Paul Ysart.
1904 – 1991 Born in Barcelona, Spain.
Worked at: Moncrieff’s apprenticeship c.1922. Paperweights from early 1930’s. Monart Glass late 1920’s to 1961. Scientific glassblowing. Caithness Glass. Own studio in Harland, Wick c1970. Paul Ysart Glass Limited. Highland Paperweights Ltd. Retired 1979.
Married 1922, Margaret Lowson 1902–19??
Agustin Moreno Isart
Name changed by UK immigration to Augustine Ysart.
1907 – 1956 Born in Barcelona, Spain.
Worked at: Apprenticeship (4 years?)
Monart Glass late c.1935 to 1945.
Scientific glassblowing.
Married 1933, Jean Ann Miller 1911–199?
Vicente Moreno Isart
Name changed by UK immigration to Vincent Ysart.
1909 – 1971 Born in Barcelona, Spain.
Worked at: Apprenticeship Moncrieff’s, somewhere between 1924–33?; Monart Glass c.1937 to 1945. Scientific glassblowing. Ysart Brothers Glass. Vasart Glass Limited. Strathearn Glass Limited. GAFLAC filing job. Made acrylic paperweights in garden shed.
Married Catherine ? 19??,
Antonio Moreno Isart
Name changed by UK immigration to Antoine Ysart.
1911 – Dec 6, 1942 Born in Lyons, France.
Worked at: Apprenticeship (4 years?) Monart Glass late c.1935 to 1945.
Scientific glassblowing.
Died as result of a bicycle accident.
Catherine Ysart ? – 199? Wife of Vincent. Maiden name ??. Employed at Ysart Brothers Glass and Vasart, packing, signing and set–up of weight cane layouts.
Jean Ann Ysart ? – 199? Wife of Augustine. Maiden name Miller. Employed at Ysart Brothers Glass and Vasart?
Everyone else related to the glass in alphabetical order
Boy, name unknown ? – ? Worked at: Vasart 1946. Duties unknown. Appears in photograph in Ysart Glass page 33.
Jack Allan c.1932 – 1996 Worked at: Vasart 1948–65, Strathearn 1965–?, Caithness 196?–196?, Perthshire Paperweights 1968–1978. Glassblower, designer, paperweight maker. Designed “Flowers in the Rain” for Caithness. Made “Witches Ball” one–off at Perthshire.
Married to Pat Allan.
Pat Allan ? – ? Worked at: Vasart, 1956 – ?? as finisher and paperweight assembler.
Married to Jack Allan.
W. A. Aslett 19?? – 19?? Moncrieff Director (in 1947)
A. K. Bergius 19?? – 19?? Director of Strathearn Glass Ltd 1964 – 19??. Also Director of Teacher & Sons.
Initiated production of the Teacher’s Whisky bottle ashtray.
Jesus Braso ? – 5/11/75 Born in Spain, recruited for Moncrieff’s by Salvador Ysart during 1930s.
Worked at: ? Spain, Moncrieff’s, Vasart (1963 special job during retirement.)
Family came from Spain with him.
Graeme (or Graham?) Brown ? – ? Managing Director Caithness Glass c1966–79. Helped PY set up studio c1970. Involved in William Manson, Kilwinning
John Deacons 1950 –  Strathearn, Perthshire Paperweights, Jay Glass, Home studio. Important paperweight maker, signature canes ‘J’, ‘JD’ & ‘STK’. Some glassware.
John Dickie 1885 – 19?? Master Glassmaker, 65 years at Moncrieff’s 1900–1965+?.
Joe Dickson ? – ? Worked at: Vasart 1956. Grinder.
Herbert Dreier 1942 –  Born in Austria.
Worked at: Ober Glass, Austria. apprentice. 1960 Peill Butzler, Germany, glassblower. 1963 Caithness Glass, glassblower. 1965 Strathearn Glass, Master Craftsman. 1981 Stuart Crystal, 1997 Stuart & Sons, Plowden & Thompson 2001–present
Stuart Drysdale 19?? – 1990 Lawyer. Helped Vincent Ysart to manage Vasart Glass Ltd. Director of Vasart, 1961. Director and setting up Strathearn Glass. Founder of Perthshire Paperweights. Partner, legal firm Colville and Drysdale of Crieff.
Brian John Dunlop 19?? – 198? 1968 Managing Director. Son of George Dunlop.
G. T. Dunlop 19?? – 19?? Director of Strathearn Glass Ltd 1964–?. Also Director of Wm. Teacher & Sons.
(Robert) George Dunlop ? – ? Usually referred to as George Dunlop. Director of Pirelli, Vasart, Strathearn (Managing Director 1977?). Scientific glassmaker. Is there a connection with Isobel Moncrieff, nee Dunlop? The Dunlops were an important family in Scotland - but it is not an uncommon name.
William Michael Dunlop 194? – 19?? Glassmaker, Jig and Pattern maker Pirelli 1948.
Eric Eisner c1930 – 2006 Chemist. Initially at Lemington Glass works starting as a laboratory assistent in 1943. Joined Moncrieff in 1953. Moncrieff’s factory Manager in 1962. Various posts up to Managing Director until taken over by British Optical in 1984. Then worked as a furniture dealer.
Frank Eisner BEM c1895-1905 – ? Father of Eric Eisner. British Empire Medal for glass tubing for radar in WWII while at Lemington Glass Company. Rumoured to have made weights at Moncrieff in the 1930s. But was working at Lemington c1930 to 1950, then Waterford, if at Moncrieffs in the 1950s is not known. Retired in the 1960s he did lay out weights on Saturdays with other glassworkers at Moncrieffs, most of these cracked as made from Monax or MS1 glass which was not suited to use with coloured glass.
Needs more research? See also: Scottish Paperweights by Bob Hall.
Alasdair Gordon 1973 – 80 Trained under Helen Monroe-Turner graduating in 1957. Set up his own engraving studio at Strathearn.. Emigrated to Australia in 1980
David Gulland 19?? – ? Selkirk Glass. c.1970 Caithness glass, engraver?
John Henry Hollingdale 19?? – 19?? Director Pirelli Glass, Scientific glassmaker.
Peter Holmes 1947 –  Caithness Glass: trainee 1963, Head of paperweight team. Assistant to Paul Ysart c1963– c1970. Made Caithness jewellery after Paul Ysart left to 1977. Established Selkirk Glass in 1977. Left Selkirk Glass in 200?
Philip Holmes 19?? –  Brother of Peter Holmes. Caithness Glass? Paperweight maker at Selkirk Glass.
David Hurry 1957 –  Apprentice Paperweight maker to Paul Ysart at Paul Ysart Glass Ltd 1975-1979 when moved to Norway.
Angus Hutchinson 19?? – ? Perthshire Paperweights. Lampworker
Ron Hutchinson 19?? – ? Sales Manager at Caithness Glass until 1977. Co–founder Selkirk Glass.
Albert Jolly 19? – 19? Vasart Glassblower. (c. 1961)
John Kaye 19?? – 19?? Moncrieff Director 1942–?, son of T. Kaye.
T. Kaye 19?? – 1942 Moncrieff Director 19??–42
Harry Lever ? – ? Worked at: Vasart. Duties unknown.
William Manson 1951 –  Leading Scottish paperweight maker. Signature cane ‘WM’. Apprenticed to Paul Ysart at Caithness to 1970 and Paul Ysart Paperweights c1970, assistant to Paul Ysart. At Caithness again, later producing work with his own canes. 1997 set up his own studio in Perth. ‘Manart’ glassware, a modern and original developement of the Ysart style. 2004 closed studio, now working with John Deacons
William Manson (Junior) 19?? –  Son of William Manson, received recognition c.2001 for his own paperweight work. Studio closed 2004.
Edward H. C. Maughan 19?? – 19?? Glassmaker, Pirelli 1948.
Colin Mayor 19?? –  Moncrieff from apprentice to director.
23 Jul 1962. Engineering apprentice.
Sept 70. Engineering Foreman.
Apr 71. Works Engineer.
Aug 73. Production Planner.
Feb 74. Production Manager.
Sept 75. Works Manager.
Apr 84. Technical Manager.
Dec 88. Partner in management buy–out, Technical Director.
June 92. Technical Manager after takeover and name change to Monax Glass Ltd.
Jan 96. Left Monax Glass when Glassmaking ceased.
2002 providing material and information to
James McBeath 19?? –  Paperweight maker, Selkirk Glass. Bought Paul Ysart’s tools in 1980’s.
Peter McDougall 19?? – ? Perthshire Paperweights. Glassmaker, paperweight maker.
David McGregor 19?? –  Paperweight maker. Caithness Glass, Selkirk Glass 1978.
Dave Moir b.1939 Apprenticed at Vasart. Master Glassmaker and Head Glassblower Strathearn Glass. Now works part time with John Deacons. see Scotland's Glass article on him.
Andrew Moncrieff 19? – 19? Vasart, Glassblower. (c. 1961)
Marianne Isobel Moncrieff (nee Dunlop) 1874 – 1961 Wife of John Moncrieff Jnr. involved in Monart marketing and design.
Friend of Mrs Graydon–Stannus.
Parents Matthew and Margaret Waters Dunlop
[Her brother was a Managing Director of Teachers Whisky, G.T. Dunlop? To be confirmed.]
John Moncrieff (Senior) 1834 – 1899 Manager at John Todd & Sons, Ink Manufacturer. Founder of North British Glassworks. Vice–President of Perth Liberal Club. Member of Perth Town Council.
John H. E. Moncrieff (Junior) 1874 – 1950 Founder’s son. Chairman of Moncrieff until forced out by takeover in 1933
? Moncrieff (3) 18? – 1917 Moncrieff Works Manager. Nephew of John M. (Senior)
? Moncrieff (4) ? – 1942 Moncrieff office staff. Son of Moncrieff (3)
? Moncrieff (5) ? – 19? Moncrieff Glassblower. Son of Moncrieff (3)
? Moncrieff (6) ? – 19? Moncrieff Glassblower. Son of Moncrieff (3)
Nelly Reed ? – ? Worked at: Vasart, 1956. Finisher and paperweight assembler.
Edward Robbins 19?? – 19?? Glassmaker, Pirelli 1948.
Allan Scott 1958 –  Lampworker, 1975 – 1979 Perthshire Paperweights,
Lampworker/designer 1979 – 1983 Jay Glass, ‘A’ cane used as signature
Lampwork designer 1983 – present (2006) Caithness Glass. Assistant Linda Campbell.
Angus C. M. Sillars 19? – 19? Strathearn Designer, Design Director. 1964–80
R. M. Teacher 19?? – 19?? Chairman of Strathearn Glass Ltd 1964–.
Also Chairman of Wm. Teacher & Sons Ltd.
Colin Terris MBE 1937 – 2006 Received MBE for services to glass artistry.
Caithness Glass Engraver 1968. Designer 1970. Introduced innovation into paperweight design.
Lord Thurso, Robin Sinclair ? – ? Founder of Caithness Glass.
Franco Toffolo 1934 – 20?? Italian Maestro Glassmaker. Venini 1946-50. Left Italy c1965. Venetian Glass Company, Blackpool (UK) c1960-1980. Master glassmaker at Caithness glass until retiring to Crieff in 2002 some paperweights with initial cane FT. Now collaborating with John Deacons and producing occasional Ysart style glassware in John Deacons’ studio.
D. T. Turner 1??? – 19?? Moncrieff Director 1941–?
Jimmy Walker 19?? – 19?? Moncrieff, Chemist involved in Monart Cameo attempts during 1920’s.
Sheona Wilson c1980 ?? Strathearn: Engraver continued Alasdair Gordon's studio after he emigrated.
Bob Wishart ? – ? Worked at: Vasart 1946. Duties unknown.
Charles ‘Chic’ Young 1931 – ? Moncrieff, Caithness, Strathearn Glass, Perthshire Paperweights. Glassblower retired.
Edited by Mary Houston–Lambert


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