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John Deacons

Scottish paperweight artist and glassmaker


John Deacons trained with Strathearn Glass. He was part of the small team who left in 1969 to form Perthshire Paperweights under Stuart Drysdale.

In 1980 he left to form ‘J’ Glass. This was largely due to a desire to develop his own work rather than work under direction at Perthshire. This enterprise grew, employing staff and with a salesman on the road.

This was not really Johns’ scene and he now works from a well equipped workshop attached to his home. Last year he was joined by his son, Craig, who now has his own signature cane. They produce a very large selection of glass in small quantities. Paperweights range from simple millefiori to complex triple overlays. They also produce labelled vases and lamps in the style of Monart. There is now no sales force, they sell all they make to a small select group of customers.

John Deacons is making glassware in the tradition of the Ysart family who initiated the production of this style of glassware in Scotland.

John Deacons glass lampbases John Deacons glass label

Left, “Ysart” style lampbases by John Deacons. Fitting by local blacksmith.

Above, base of surface coloured piece by John Deacons, showing his label.

John Deacons glass vase John Deacons glass vase label

Bowl and detail of its base, by John Deacons. 4¼" (110mm) high and 6¼" (160mm) diameter.

John Deacons glass base finish

John Deacons glass pontil finish

Base and close-up of pontil showing the typical finish of glass by John Deacons.

Photographs and biography © 2002 John Deacons. Reproduced here with permission.

Captions © 2004 by Frank Andrews

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