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Charles ‘Chic’ Young

Scottish glassmaker

by Gary Millar


Chic Young, born in 1930, joined John Moncrieff Glassworks of Perth, in 1946 as an apprentice glassblower under Paul Ysart. He left for National military service (call-up) in 1950 but returned to Moncrieff’s in 1952 after completing the two year duty. In 1960, he preceded Paul Ysart to Caithness Glass in Wick, where he remained for eight years. He then moved on to Strathearn Glass Ltd., in Crieff, staying there until tempted to join Perthshire Paperweights in 1974. He retired from Perthshire Paperweights in 1995 and still lives in Crieff. Now at the grand age of 72, he is often seen taking the bendy, windy roads of Perthshire on his Kawasaki ZX600 motorcycle.

At Perthshire Paperweights, Chic Young made the Monart and Vasart style pieces. Designs were often his own or based on Ysart pieces but, before going into production, they had to be approved by Mrs Drysdale, wife of the founder Stuart Drysdale. Perhaps his best known work has been the reproduction Tulip lamps, which are recognised by their colours and a cut groove under the edge of the base for the cable. He also made two original style lamp bases as samples, but these were not selected for production by Mrs Drysdale. One of these came onto the market in 2002, described as early Vasart, causing a lot of discussion among glass collectors until paperweight expert, Kevin Holt, noticed that it contained a probable Perthshire cane. The present owner of the lamp base ultimately tracked down Chic Young and learnt the true story behind the piece; Chic also signed it at that time. The piece is shown below.

Much of the work produced by Chic at Perthshire had an impressed “P”, but this is often vague and indeed was absent from time to time. Further detailed study of Ysart style of glass should bring more of Chic Young’s work to the surface and place him as one of the most important “Ysart style” glassmakers.

If anyone can provide more images on Perthshire Paperweights glassware made by Chic Young, particularly the tulip lamps or anything with the impressed “P”, it will be added to this page.

Chic  Young glass lampbase
"Ysart Style" lampbase by Chic Young.

Produced as a sample at Perthshire Paperweights.

Detail of base finish to right. Cane decoration below.

Chic  Young glass lampbase base
Chic  Young glass lampbase canes
Chic  Young glass lampbase canes
Chic  Young glass vase
"Ysart Style" bowl by Chic Young.

Produced at Perthshire Paperweights has impressed “P” on base.

Similar to Vasart/Strathearn shape B032.
91/8" diameter

Chic  Young glass vase mark
Detail of base finish, the impressed P is unclear but present.

Additional glassware by Chic Young is shown here: Perthshire Paperweights.

Other glassmakers who continue the Ysart tradition, in small volumes, include: Herbert Dreier, John Deacons and William Manson, Peter Holmes.


Based on an initial interview with Charles Young in Crieff 2002.

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