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Calendar of Ysart and related glass

Originally appearing in Ysartnews No. 3 (1987), updated and corrected in Ysart Glass (1990). This version expands on those earlier versions.

Editor: Mary Houston-Lambert

This page is intended to provide a single point of reference for the chronology of Ysart Glass and its descendants; all other pages will be reviewed against this page. The list is copyleft protected to encourage sharing by researchers and writers.

Date Event Ref
1786 Perth Office Ink first made (?). According to a plaque dated 1836 pictured in a Moncrieff brochure.
1792 Printer David Morison born (Perth Ink Manufactory). 8
1834 John Moncrieff (Senior) born, Perth, Scotland. 4, 14
1836 Perth Ink Manufactory bought by John Todd & Co. – renamed The Perth Ink Works. 8
1847 John Moncrieff (Senior) starts work for Perth Ink Works of John Todd. 8, 13, 14
1850 The Tay Glass Works founded by Enoch Tomey. 8
1855 Printer David Morison died (Perth Ink Manufactory). 8
John Moncrieff (Senior) appointed manager at John Todd & Sons. 8, 13, 14
1865 John Todd died (Perth Ink Manufactory). 8
December - North British Glass and Ink Works (Moncrieff’s) founded by John Moncrieff at South Street, Perth. (1868 in another source?) 14
1867 June 6th - John Moncrieff married to Christina Robb 8
1871 North British Glass and Ink Works, according to the 1871 census records, five men and 13 boys were employed in the manufacture of ink and glass. 8
1872 H. A. Rogers awarded sole US selling rights for Gauge Glass. 8
1874 June 1st - John Moncrieff (Junior) born. Also known as "Jack" 4, 14
December 21st - Isobel Moncrieff born. 15
1876 July 15th - Enriqueta Moreno, Salvador’s first wife, born in Spain. 1
Moncrieff awarded medal at 1876 International Exhibition - Philadelphia 8
1878 January 30th - Salvador Savate Ysart born to Antonio and Francesca Ysart (nee Savate) in Barcelona, Spain. In the register, the profession of Salvador’s father is listed as glassmaker. 1,5
1881 Moncrieff’s moved to St Catherine’s Road, Perth, 2 acres of ground. Employed 24 men, 19 boys, 5 women, 4 girls. 4, 14
1888 Salvador starts work at a glassworks in Barcelona, Spain. 4
1896 Moncrieff works expanded to 5 acres. Additional 36 acres at South Harbour where gauge glass was then made. 14, 8
1899 September 30th - John Moncrieff (Senior) died of a heart attack. 4, 14
1900 Moncrieff’s took over the ink production of John Todd & Co. 8
1904 April 9th Isobel Dunlop 29 years, Daughter of Matthew and Margaret Waters Dunlop of 7 Clairmont Gardens, Glasgow married to J Moncrieff (Glass Merchant) 29 years of "Elmside" Balhousie, Perth, Son of John (deceased) and Christina Moncrieff. 18
June 4th - Pablo (Paul) Moreno Ysart born in Barcelona, Spain. 1
1905 Moncrieff’s became a limited company.
1907 May 9th - Agustin (Augustine) Moreno Ysart born in Barcelona, Spain. 1
1909 January 1st - Vicente (Vincent) Moreno Ysart born in Barcelona, Spain. 1
During this period many Spanish glass-blowers, including Salvador Ysart, heard of the thriving art-glass movement centred round Nancy and immigrated to France. 3
1911 May 9th - Antonio (Antoine) Ysart born in Lyons, France. 1
1914 c.August 1914 - Salvador at Schneider Fréres et Wolf, Epinay-sur-Seine, France. Schneider factory closed near start of First World War. 2,3
1915 Salvador recruited in France to join Leith Flint Glass Company (Jenkinson’s) at Norton Park Works, Edinburgh, Scotland. 1
September 15th - Ysart family arrived at Folkestone, England. 1
Salvador employed at Norton Park Works to teach light bulb blowing. 1
1916 Ysart family moved to Glasgow. 6
Salvador employed by A & R Cochran, St Rollox Glassworks, Glasgow. 3,6
1919 Moncrieff’s buy Tomey’s Glass Works. 8
1922 Salvador joined John Moncrieff Ltd, Perth, to make laboratory glass with son Paul as apprentice. 5
Paul Ysart married 17 year old Margaret Lowson. 5
1923 Onwards - Salvador developing millefiori and paperweight techniques. 1
1924 During - Monart glass first produced commercially. Name formed from first 3 letters of‘ Moncrieff’ and last 3 letters of‘ Ysart’. 2
During - Monart glass first shown publicly at British Industries Fair in London. 17
1925 During -‘ A Friendly Talk on Monart Ware’ by Mrs Moncrieff formed the basis of her talks at Women’s Institute meetings and was used as promotional material. 1,3
Jenkins Brothers take over sole US distributorship for Gauge Glass. 19
1926 Gray-Stan in production (until 1936).
1928 Moncrieff’s introduce “Monish” range of bottle-making machines. 12
September 12 - Moncrieff’s apply for Trade Mark for “Monart” - “Articles of Artistic Glassware”. Valid for 14 years, renewable. Application Number 494928. 16
1930c. Aventurine imported from Gilbert Martin factory, France (gold flecks). 2
1930’s During - Salvador returned to Barcelona to find more glassblowers for Moncrieff’s. Returned with Jesus Braso and family. 1
‘Monart Glass’ replaced ‘Monart Ware’ on labels. 2,3
Main pattern book printed as sales catalogue showing full range of commercial Monart, excluding lamps and paperweights.
1932 Paul began to develop interest in paperweights. 6
Woolworth’s‘ Silver Frost’, Xmas decoration, used (silver flecks). 2
Earliest recorded use of silver flecks: Liberty Xmas supplement 1932/3 page 36. Also shown in “Ysart Glass” plate 218.
March 26 - Enriqueta Morena Ysart died at Eden Bank, Abbey Road, Scone. 5
1933 December 29 - Augustine married 22 year old Jean Ann Miller. 5
John Moncrieff resigned as Chairman and sells his shares. No further involvement by Isobel Moncrieff until 1947. 10
1934 March 3 - Salvador married 54 year old Annie Sturrock Miller (nee Ramsay) at 191 High Street, Perth. 5
1935c. Salvador made clear and white glass table (Photograph in Monart Glass article), a set of bowls and other items to same design, as gift for Royal Family. After Perth Accepting Committee rejected the gift, Salvador destroyed the glass in anger, with the exception of one piece that remains in the family. 1,2
Antoine and Augustine began making Monart. 1
1937c. Vincent began making Monart. 1
1939 Monart production ceased for duration of Second World War. Although small quantities were made privately by the Ysart’s. 2, 10
1942 December 6th - Antoine died in hospital, aged 31, three days after being accidentally knocked from his bicycle by two youths who dashed out of a side street and ran straight into him during the blackout. 1,5
1945 Pirelli Glass Limited formed. 3
1946 September - Salvador, Vincent and Augustine started Ysart Brothers Glass at Shore Works, Perth. Named the glass‘ Vasart’ from their initials plus‘ art’ from Ysart. Catherine Ysart, Vincent’s wife, signed base of all pieces with acid. 1
First workers at Shore Works were Bob Wishart, Harry Lever and one boy. 1
1947 Paul restarted limited Monart production. 2, 12
One of first productions was 33-piece set as wedding gift for Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip of Greece. Set made in new colour scheme of pale blue, clear edge with gold flecks, subsequently known as‘ wedding gift’ scheme.
1949 September 1st - Ysart Brothers Glass exhibited Vasart at Scottish Industries Exhibition attended by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, (later Queen Mother.) 1
Ysart Brothers Glass obtained decorating contracts from Pirelli Glass.
1950 April 29th - John Moncrieff died. 4
Vasart glass exhibited at a trade fair in London. Augustine attended and was introduced to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and King George VI. He received from the Queen a cheque payable to Ysart Brothers Glass for two pounds, five shillings and threepence.(Photograph, Perth Museum ref 1987.32.1)
1955 January 21st - Salvador died, aged 77. 1,5
Paul Ysart sought and located by Paul Jokelson, American paperweight importer. 8,9,17
1956 January 27th - Augustine died aged 48. 1,5
George Dunlop of Pirelli Glass Ltd, Potters Bar, joined Vincent and set up Vasart Glass Limited. Signature on base replaced by a shaped black and silver label. Pirelli used an identical label design. 1,8
Vasart decorated drinking glasses: Martini‘ Just by itself or on the rocks’ glasses and souvenir glasses with lion transfer and town name. 1
Vasart workers included: Joe Dickson, grinder; Jack Allan, blower; Pat Allan, Nelly Reed, Catherine Ysart, finishers and paperweight assemblers. 1
1957 June - Advert for Vasart Glass appears p.758 Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review. Picture of Vincent Ysart making vase and four small pieces. Pirelli Glass Ltd. mentioned as associate company. London Wholesale Showroom address: Doran House, 37 Sloane St, London SW1. 8
September 25th - Article on paperweights featuring Vasart appears in Tatler Magazine. 8
1960 During - Stuart Drysdale hired to help the management of Vasart Glass Limited. 1
1961 Isobel Moncrieff died.
Monart production ceased during this year.
Stuart Drysdale became a director of Vasart Glass Ltd.
(Strathearn Herald, 5th December, 1964)
1963 During - Vasart ceiling light globes commissioned for 10 Downing Street by Prime Minister, Sir Alec Douglas-Home. Jesus Braso came out of retirement to assist in manufacture. 1
20th December - Sir Alec Douglas-Home visits Vasart Glass to see the making of the lamp globes.
(Courier & Advertiser 3rd December)
Paul joined Caithness Glass, Wick, as Training Officer and Technical Adviser. 1,2
1964 December 26th - Vasart Glass Limited, Shore Road works closed. (Courier and Advertiser, December 1964) 3
William Teacher & Sons Limited set up Strathearn Glass Limited, introducing designer Angus Sillars as a director and organising the building of new premises in Crieff.
Building started in August. (Strathearn Herald, 5th December 1964)
1965 January 22nd - Strathearn Glass factory opened at Muthill Road, Crieff by Prime Minister, Sir Alec Douglas-Home. First European glassworks to use propane gas fired furnaces.
During - Vincent left Strathearn Glass Limited. 1
Circa. - Moncrieff make last sale of Monish machine spare parts. 8
1966 Vincent took job in filing department of GAFLAC (General Accident, Fire & Life Assurance Company) in Perth. 1
1968 Stuart Drysdale left Strathearn Glass Limited and set up Perthshire Paperweights Ltd in Crieff.
1970 Paul Ysart retired from Caithness Glass.
1971 September 29th - Vincent falls from ladder at work and breaks a leg. (Courier & Advertiser, October 9th) 3
October 8th - Vincent died, aged 62. 1,5
Paul set up own paperweight studio in Harland, Wick. Most of his weights marketed by Paul Jokelson in the USA and bore ‘PY’ cane. Others sold in Great Britain were unsigned or had ‘H’ cane for ‘Harland’, the place of manufacture. It is coincidental that they were also sold as ‘Highland’ weights. 6
The Harland studio was financed by Mr. Robert ‘Bert’ Gunn, who continued to provide backing until 1975. 9
1975 May 1st - Paul Ysart formed Paul Ysart Glass Limited at Harland with a loan of £23,590.52 from American importer Paul Jokelson. Purchased a furnace for £7,165.60. 7
Strathearn ceased coloured glass production, although paperweights produced until 1980. 8
1977 Paul Ysart formed Highland Paperweights Limited. 8
1979 October 31st - Paul Ysart retired ending production of his paperweights. 1
1980 Strathearn taken over by Stuart & Sons Ltd and renamed Stuart Strathearn Limited. 3
1980’s Moncrieff making all of Corning’s flat gauge glass until early 1990’s. 8
1982 Paul Ysart Glass Limited dissolved. 7
February - Stuart Strathearn Limited introduces a collection of full lead crystal giftware. (Perthshire Advertiser, January 12th.} 3
1983 Pirelli Glass Limited wound up, liquidated 1985. 7
1990 Publication of “Ysart Glass” by Ian Turner, Frank Andrews & Alison Clarke. 7
1991 December 18th - Paul Ysart died peacefully in his sleep aged 87.
His body was cremated in Perth the following year.
1992 September 5th - October 10th - Broadfield House Glass Museum hosts a commemorative exhibition of Paul Ysart paperweights. The leaflet contained new research by Museum staff. 9
1995 Waterford Wedgwood takes over Stuart & Sons Ltd 11
1996 All Moncrieff production ends. 8
2000 March 28th - Frank Andrews starts to build the website. 8
2001 Stuarts (?name), Press reports laying off 220 glassworkers (The Guardian newspaper. ?date?)
2005 August Ysart Tradition & Scottish Glass – First conference dedicated to the Ysart family and their impact on the Scottish Glass Industry.

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