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Ysart Labels & Signatures

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Numbering added to Monart labels to enable accurate referencing. Also added cross referencing to Ysart Glass book plates.

Monart labels and marks

Early Monart non-printed label
Early Monart Ware signature
Very rare
Monart glass label type X1 Monart glass, Ware signature

Ysart Glass book
Not included

Ysart Glass book
Not included
Export signature on Monart with ‘Ware’ label

Ware Label
Ware Label
Ware Label
Monart glass ware label type W1 Monart glass ware label type W2 Monart glass ware label type W3

Ysart Glass book
Plate 1

Ysart Glass book
Plate 2

Ysart Glass book
Not included but see errata

Fourth Ware label, unseen!
Monart glass ware label type W4

This is a reversed image of a Moncrieff printing block for Monart labels. Very similar to W3 but no examples of a label from this block have been seen.

Pre-War coded
Post-War coded
Paperweight coded
Monart glass label type G1 Monart glass label type G2 Monart glass label type G3

Ysart Glass book
Plate 3

Ysart Glass book
Plate 4

Ysart Glass book
Plate 138

Fake label c.1980's
Liberty Label
Watson’s China Shop
Monart glass fake label type F1 Monart glass liberty label type R1 Monart glass Watsons label type R2

Ysart Glass book
Not included

Ysart Glass book
Plate 5

Ysart Glass book
Not included

Monart Retailer Showcard
Brook & Sons Goldsmiths
Monart glass showcard type R3 Monart glass Brook label type R4

Retailer label reported on a vase.

Monart Signature – What is the FBS or BFS mark?
Monart glass signature and FBS mark

The FBS mark is only found on ‘export’ marked Monart. It has also been reported on one French piece of glass and on the paper label of an Italian piece of glass. This would suggest that FBS is probably an American glass retailer. It would be nice to identify the name to go with the initials.

Monart signature experiments all on one piece
Real or a fakers work piece, styled like Vasart sigs? Not as neat as above!

This example probably came from the Monart storeroom when Moncrieff’s closed.
The san-serif signature is rarely found.

Monart Glass signature Monart Glass signature Monart Glass signature

John Moncrieff’s logos, labels and marks

Moncrieff logo
Perth Gauge Glass
Moncrieff logo
Unific Gauge Glass
Moncrieff label
Perth Gauge Glass
Moncrieff Jenkins label Perth Gauge Moncrieff Jenkins label Unific Moncrieff Rogers label

These labels were used on packaging and cut lengths of glass without Moncrieff sandblast marking; they were reproduced in the 1933 catalogue of the US distributor.

Same design but for H A Rogers Co (USA). So far I can find no information on this company.

John Moncrieff's logos, labels and marks

Moncrieff label
Moncrieff Ink
Moncrieff mark
Laboratory glass
Moncrieff Ink label Moncrieff Laboratory glass label

Text "This ink is a rich blue while writing, turns jet black, is permanent in colour and keeps fluid in all climates." From 'Master Ink' bottle.

This mark is printed/etched? onto laboratory glassware.

Ysart Brothers Glass & Vasart Glass Limited

Ysart Brothers Glass 1946-56 (Rare) Vasart 1956-64
Vasart label round Vasart label round marked. Vasart label shaped
Ysart Brothers
Ysart Bros signature
Vasart Ltd Vasart Ltd
Vasart signature Vasart signature
Vasart 'Y' canes
Paperweight Y signature cane Paperweight Y signature cane Paperweight Y signature cane Paperweight Y signature cane
Vasart US retailer
Vasart glass - Lord and Taylor label

Label on bar tool F012 1956-64 period

Pirelli Glass

Pirelli (first?) Morley Ware mark Pirelli Animals Pirelli c.1956-
Pirelli label round Morley Ware mark 1944 Pirelli label animals Pirelli glass label shaped

Circular label seen on Morley Ware earthenware mug and decorated glassware.
Accoring to Godden this mark was for August 1944 which implies the Pirelli label was the earliest in use.

Pirelli label found on lampwork animals.

Pirelli label found on Vasart ware and weights. Note “Hand Made in Scotland”.

Paul Ysart

Fake Cane c.1988 Fake Cane c.1997
Paul Ysart PY fake cane Paul Ysart fake cane
Signature Harland Label

16mm Diameter

Highland Paperweights

40mm Diameter

Paul Ysart signature Paul Ysart Harland label Paul Ysart Highland label

Paul Ysart. Signature canes

'PY' P101 'PY' P102 'PY' P201 'PY' P202 'PY' P203 'H' P301
Paul Ysart signature cane Paul Ysart signature cane Paul Ysart signature cane Paul Ysart signature cane Paul Ysart signature cane Paul Ysart signature cane

PY2017 ? Was this a Moncrieff weight?

Used at Moncrieff. PY1008.

Used at Caithness. PY2009.

Used at Caithness. PY2014.

Squashed in PY2003. Weight signed.

Used in Paul's Harland studio.

'PY' S01 'PY' S02
Paul Ysart signature Paul Ysart signature

Found on PY2028. Signatures were added for visitors, not to ID weights.

Found on PY2003

Strathearn, Stuart Strathearn

Leaping Salmon Paperweight 'S' cane
Strathearn glass leaping salmon seal Strathearn glass S paperweight cane
Stuart Strathearn mark Stuart Strathearn label
Stuart Strathearn glass etched mark Stuart Strathearn glass label

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