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Ysart Style Bowl

by Herbert Dreier.

Ysart Glass Style Bowl by Herbert Dreier.

Gray-Stan. c1935

Gray-Stan vase c 1935

Ysart Glass Style Bowl

by Peter McDougall.

Ysart Glass Style Bowl by Peter McDougall

Size: 230mm Diam.
Colour: Orange, deep purple & aventurine.

Made by Herbert Dreier who trained under Paul Ysart and later worked at Strathearn. Making such pieces in his name c.1989. Needs further research but a superb piece.

see also John Deacons

Cobalt blue glass with white trailing.

While this piece bears no similarity to Ysart Glass, others did. Mrs Graydon Stannus was also a close friend of Isobel Moncrieff.

See the article on Gray Stan for the story of Gray Stan glass.

Peter McDougall was the head craftsman and factory manager of Perthshire Paperweights. This piece was originally in the collection of Stuart Drysdale.

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