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Scottish Glass - Makers, Craftsmen & Artists

Scottish Glassworks & People

Compiled by Frank Andrews
WORKING DRAFT VERSION, please do not rely on data or quote elsewhere.

This list is being started with glassworks and makers in chronological order. It will be restructured as it grows. Please send details of any glassworks, glassworkers, craftsmen and artists for inclusion. Please include addresses, dates etcetera as known, along with any references in print. Thank you. The main effort on this section will continue from 2007 after my site is completed.

For now, I just want information on the living or unrecorded people working in Scottish glass please.

A question mark on any part of an entry indicates that the part following the question mark is not confirmed. In any event it may include incorrect dates where different accounts are inconsistent - when noticed this will be commented. The Turnbull publication appears to be the most recent and rigourus academic account of Scottish Glass.