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Ysart Glass Specials - Monart

Concealed in the ‘Special’ pieces of Ysart Glass are small stories that tell us a little about the Ysart men’s private lives, their friends and families, their community and the affection they shared with them through their glass.

The Salvador Scone Vase The Salvador Henderson Decanter The Berluze Vase
Monart Glass Special - The Salvador Scone Vase Monart Glass Special - The Salvador Henderson vase Monart Glass Special - The Berluze vase
Made by Salvador Ysart as a gift for Mrs Drummond of Scone in the twenties.
The Drummonds owned the petrol station in Scone, pronounced Skoon.
10" 255mm high.
Purdue Collection
Made by Salvador Ysart for his friend, Jack Henderson (deceased) of Henderson Jewellers in Perth. Salvador visited Jack’s shop most Saturdays for a cup of tea and a chat.On occasions he would bring bits and pieces of glass for Jack’s opinion. The shop is now (2002) run by Jack’s son.
12" 305mm high.
Barraclough Collection
This vase is a Schneider design known as “Berluze”. Only two Monart examples are known. Ian Turner obtained this from a private house in Perth.
20½" 520mm high.
James Collection, Formerly Turner Collection
The Society of Glass Technology Pintray The 1936 Perth Curling Trophy
Monart Glass Society of Glass Technology Monart Glass Perth Curling Trophy
“Society of Glass Technology - Annual Dinner . Royal Victoria Hotel . Sheffield . April 22nd 1952”
Made by Paul Ysart, using pre-war colours. Given as gift to attendees.
Purdue Collection
Presumably made for a local event. The applied badge is inscribed “1936” at the top and “Perth Ice Rink Curling Club” in the banner at the bottom.
The Jean Ysart vases
Monart Glass - The Jean Ysart vases Monart Glass - The Jean Ysart vases

This pair of shape L vases were from the collection of Jean Ysart, wife of Augustine, and were sold at a Lindsay Burns auction in Perth, Thursday 1st April 1999, Lot No. 562, after she passed away.
It is not certain, but likely, that these were made by Augustine.
Height 270mm (10½"), diameter 100mm (4")
James Collection

Specially labelled bowl
Monart glass special shape Monart glass special shape label
Monart glass special shape

Intriguing trefoil shape that was clearly made for a special order. The label can only be considered confusing although the colour code is correct, what to make of the rest?
The label shows V.L/JBS.395 (JBS or JB5)
Ian Turner said to the owner, “I can only surmise that you have one of a non-pattern book set of bowls made as a special order for a specific customer, and that the dispatch clerk, faced with a dilemma over what to put on the label, had a brainstorm, and invented the shape and size codes but used the right colour code. In other words, I don't know, and your guess is as good as mine!”
260mm diameter 80mm high.
James Collection

The Forsyth Bowl - Shape X
Monart Glass - Forsyth Bowl Monart Glass - Forsyth Bowl
A remarkable discovery this bowl was made between the end of Monart production for World War II and the start of Vasart production in 1946.

It was a gift, personally delivered by Salvador Ysart to a Mrs Forsyth on the 24th December 1945. Clearly Monart shape X but a variant form that is closer to Vasart V026.

Images and information from the Forsyth family. 9 inch diameter 4 inch high (230x100mm)

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