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Nazeing Glass 3

All images 2007 Nazeing Glass Ltd

N.B. Not all glass is by Nazeing, additional data to follow, please let us know if you can identify any.

Nazeing Glass Baskets

Nazeing Glass #31 additional data to follow

Nazeing Handle posy vase at right.

Nazeing Glass

Nazeing Glass #32 additional data to follow

Centre item is a bookend.

Clear vase unknown maker?

Nazeing Glass
Lamp base Nazeing - The pink lamp base is not a sphere form as in the catalogue 16/1 (see page 85, G Timberlake). I was lucky enough to buy an interesting bubbled version from this source and saw this piece as well. The example here has sloping "shoulders" giving the base a squat appearance, and really should not be considered a variant of 16/1, which is far more of a sphere form - and larger. What you can't tell from the photo is that the neck under the fitting is different from the norm, being thick-walled, curved and taller (mine is pre-fitting). Hence the unusual fitting for Nazeing. (Nigel Benson).

Nazeing Glass #33 additional data to follow

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