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Monart Glass Lighting

Original codes have a “P/” or “S/” prefix. As most of the P & S codes are currently unknown other shapes are given a new code allocated FLxx, FL numbers will be replaced as original codes are identified, but FLxx numbers will not be re-used. It appears that shades and labels were available in separate shapes - to date one shade has been found with a coded label and this had an S prefix, unfortunately no image. All of the labelled piece mentioned here had a label on the base with a P prefix, this meant “Pedestal”. Shades were originally coded with a S prefix, shade labels are very rare.

Vases fitted as lamps in the factory often had the interior frosted, these usually have normal vase codes but will be shown her if they have frosted interior.. In general, pre-war mushroom lamps had a cast bronze fitting. Post-war mushroom lamps had a brazed brass fitting, adjustable or fixed. Only Vasart used a wire based fitting.

Monart Lighting Ware patterns books have been published by Ian Tuner in the Journal of The Glass Association, Vol 7 2004. These show 29 pedestal patterns and 25 shade designs

Lighting Fittings page

Pedestal base
Pedestal base
Pedestal base
Pedestal base
Monart Glass shape P3 Monart Glass shape P13 Monart Glass shape P17 Monart Glass shape P19
Original code P3. Pre-war bronze fitting, no shade
Code: III+ Ht. 15¼" 385mm
Original code P13. Label V.P/13.231
Code: V Ht. 8" 200mm
Original code P17. Label VI.P/17.373
Code: VI
Original code P19. Label III+.P/19.410
Code: III+ Ht. 14" 355mm
Pedestal base
Pedestal base
Pedestal base
Monart Glass shape P22 Monart Glass shape P23 Monart Glass shape P29
Original code P22. This type of fitting was used for non glass shades.
Code: VI Ht. 8" 200mm
Original code P23. Post war fitting, adjustable, brass.
Code: VII Ht. 8" 200mm
Lamp Ht. 14½" 370mm
Pre war bronze fitting.
Ht. 5¾" 145mm
Globe lamp
Pendant shade
Pendant shade
P5 / S7

Pedestal lamp

Monart Glass shape FL01 Monart Glass shape FL02 Monart Glass shape FL03 Monart Glass shape FL05
Wooden base is a vase stand with a light fitting and clips to hold the shade.
6½" 165mm
Hole at top is a weak point, usually has minor cracks.
Height 8" 200mm
Three point hooks for chains
Diam 14¾" 360mm
Brass fitting, non-adjustable.
Base 8½" 215mm
Lamp 12¾" 320mm
FL06 ‘Special’
Pedestal lamp
P3 Variant
Pedestal lamp
Pedestal lamp
FB Vase lamp
Monart Glass shape FL06 Monart Glass shape FL09 Monart Glass shape FL10 Monart Glass shape FL12
Label code ‘Special’. Experimental Cameo lamp base. Only two known to survive with shades.
10½" 265mm
Example has fire finished rim and partial label giving style as “Lamp Standard”
Size III 15½" 395mm
Post-War all glass Mushroom Lamp
Base 6½" 165mm
Lamp 12" 305mm
Original parchement shade with traces of red paint. WARE label vase FB.V.156 but frosted interior.
Vase 9" 230mm
Lamp 19"485mm
UA Vase lamp
Lamp shade
Pedestal lamp
DH Vase lamp
Monart Glass shape FL13 Monart Glass shape FL14 Monart Glass shape FL15 Monart Glass shape FL16
Wood base, painted to match glass. Drilled hole centre of base for cable.
Ht. 12" 305mm
Lamp shade, Yellow and multicoloured swirls.
Ht. 7.5" 190mm
Another post-war all glass. Same shade shape as FL10 Frosted interior
Ht. 11" 290mm
Pendant shade
Pendant shade
Monart Glass shape FL19 Monart Glass shape FL20 Monart Glass shape FL21 Monart Glass shape FL22
Solid colour inner, rare broken shards decoration.
Dia. 13" 330mm
Dia. 13" 330mm Probably shade for the all glass post-war lamp Tracing as no copyright free image available.
Vase lamp
Globe lamp
Vase lamp
Monart Glass shape FL23 Monart Glass shape FL23 Monart Glass shape FL24 Monart Glass shape FL25
Vase lamp with label, coded: V. RF. 384. Close up of fabric shade, best example seen to date of the ‘Liberty’ type of shade. Unusually small version with cut top and uncoded Monart WARE label. The Globe lamp or night light does not exist in the lighting catalogue which implies a post-war design but this appears to be an early trial! Vase lamp with Ware label, coding unreadable. Unusual and expensive type of fitting. While this may well have been constructed at Moncrieff it could equally have been converted by a retailer. See fittings page for details.
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