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Moncrieff’s Little Red Book

Inside the Front Cover
Todd ink labels
John Todd French Labels

This book predates John Moncrieff's own glassworks and the first entries are the year before John Todd died. This must have been an important notebook for John Moncrieff although looking at it now, it is not clear exactly what its purpose was.

It is interesting that the company name was translated to Jean Todd & Cie for the French market.

It gives an interesting insight into the ink and gum side of his operations. Many of the entries appear to be an assessment of competitors gums.

Top cutting text:

Q.D. - Nut galls are an excrescence - not a fruit, and are produced by insects puncturing the bark of a tree or shrub called quercis infectoria, a native of Asia Minor, and depositing their ova there. They are imported principally from Smyrna and Aleppo, and are used in the process of tanning. They contain about 30 or 40 per cent. of tannic acid, the astringent principle which converts the gelatine of skins into leather.

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