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Glass Bibliography - Glassmaking & Techniques by authors

2008 UPDATE - This bibliography has been re-researched and expanded and is noe freely available in a more useful database form as a part of the Glass-Study here.

Kiln-Fired Glass

Glass - Sources of Information on the History, Science, Technology and Art of this

Glass in Architecture & Decoration
Author or Editor: Bray , Charles
Author Notes: Glass Artist

A Dictionary of Glass, Materials & Techniques

Practical Glass Manipulation

Glass - Hand-Blown, Sculptured, Colored - Philosophy & Method

The Principles of Glass-Making

A Text Book of Glass Technology

Techniques of Kiln-Formed Glass

Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics

The Techniques of Glass Engraving

Get Acquainted with Glass - Material. Industry. Uses.

Glass in Architecture & Decoration

The Place of Glass in Building

Creative Glass Blowing

The Amateur Pottery & Glass Painter

The Principles of Glass-Making

Glass Working by Heat & by Abrasion

A Text Book of Glass Technology

The Art of Repairing and Riveting Glass, China and Earthenware

A Technical Study of Opaque Red Glass of the Iron Age in Britain

Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection Illustrating Glass Technology - Science Museum

Glass & Glass Manufacture

The Techniques of Glass Engraving

Handbook of Glass Data - Part A: Silica Glass & Binary Silicate Glasses

Handbook of Glass Data - Part B: Single-component & Binary Non-silicate Oxide Glasses

Handbook of Glass Data - Part C: Ternary Silicate Glasses

Handbook of Glass Data - Part D: Ternary Non-Silicate Glasses

Handbook of Glass Data - Part E: Single Component Binary & Ternary Oxide Glass

Glass in Architecture & Decoration

Glass in Architecture & Decoration

Modern Glass Working and Laboratory Technique

Glass Engraving

Engraving & Decorating Glass

Glass Engraving - Drill Technique

German Glass Industry With Particular Reference to Glasses Used in Building

Engraved Glass, Lettering & Heraldry

Glass Engraving - Lettering & Design

The Engraved Glass of David Peace: The Architecture of Lettering

Glass: The Miracle Maker - It's History, Technology & Applications

Get Acquainted with Glass - Material. Industry. Uses.

The Principles of Glass-Making

Decorating Glass: Painting, Embossing, Engraving, Etching

Wonders of Glass & Bottle Making (to 1871)

Mirrors - A Guide to the Manufacture of Mirrors & Reflecting Surfaces

Practical Instructions in Enamel Painting on Glass, China, Tiles etc

Window Glass Design Guide

The Constitution of Glass

Technical Approach to Glass

The Art of Glass Making

Stained Glass: A Guide to Today's Tiffany Copper Foil Technique

Coloured Glasses

Point Engraving on Glass

Old Glass, Manufacture, Styles, Uses

Breaking and the Remaking of the Portland Vase

Introduction to Glass Fusing: Cabochons, Beads, Ornaments, Tiles, Plates

Enamel Painting Techniques - Glass Fused on Metals

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