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Glass Bibliography - Bottles and Perfumes by Authors

2008 UPDATE - This bibliography has been re-researched and expanded and is noe freely available in a more useful database form as a part of the Glass-Study here.

Catalogue Baccarat - The Perfume Bottles - A Collector's Guide

The English Glass Bottle Through the Ages

Bottle Collecting in New England

Bottle Finds in New England

Lalique Perfume Bottles

The Book of Bottle Collecting

Old Time Bottles Found in Ghost Towns

Profumi Mignon / Miniature Perfume Bottles

Miniature Perfume Bottles

More Miniature Perfume Bottles

Bottle Collecting Manual with Prices

Bottle Finds in New England

Reflected Glory in a Bottle

Understanding Antique Wine Bottles

Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances

Antique Bottles in Colour

International Bottle Collectors' Guide

Scent Bottles

The American Bottle Collector's Price Guide to Historical Flasks,Perfume, Cologne and Scent Bottles

Bottle Collecting Manual with Prices

Perfume, Cologne & Scent Bottles

Commercial Perfume Bottles

The Perfume Atomizer: An Object with Atmosphere

Scent & Scent Bottles

Perfume and Pomanders - Scent and Scentbottles through the Ages

The Art of Perfume, Discovering & Collecting Perfume Bottles

Bottles, Flasks and Dr. Dyott

The World of Perfume

A Collector's Handbook of Miniature Perfume Bottles: Minis, Mates & More

The Standard Old Bottle Price Guide

Perfume & Scent Bottle Collecting With Prices

Lalique Perfume Bottles

American Bottles Old & New: A Story of the Industry in the United States

Scent Bottles

Supplement to Bitters Bottles

Snuff Bottles from China - The Victoria & Albert Museum Collection

English Glass Bottles for the Collector

Spirits Bottles of the Old West

Bottles Collector's Handbook & Pricing Guide

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