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Glass Bibliography - Auction catalogues

2008 UPDATE - This bibliography has been re-researched and expanded and is noe freely available in a more useful database form as a part of the Glass-Study here.

William J. Elsholz Collection of American Glass

Early American Glass Bottles and Flasks Collected by Prince Cantacuzene

Ancient Egyptian Glass Inlays in the Per-Neb Collection Part II

Highly Important Tiffany. The Bert Sugarman Collection.

The Bradford Collection of 18th Century Dutch Engraved Glass

Fine Chinese Snuff Bottles - The Dwyer Collection

Ancient Glass: Formerly in the Kofler-Truniger Collection

The Louise & Christopher Randal Collection of Fine Chines Glass Snuff Bottles

Giles Hayward UK , Auctioneers The Celebrated Manley Glass Collection

Sotheby Parke Bernet , Auctioneers
The Constable-Maxwell Collection of Ancient Glass

Important Ancient Glass from the Collection Formed by the British Rail Pension Fund

Important Paperweights From the Collection of Paul Jokelson, New York.

John and Katsy Mecom Collection of European and American Art Nouveau Including

The Krug Collection of Glass Part I

The Krug Collection of Glass Part II

The Krug Collection of Glass Part III

The Krug Collection of Glass Part IV

European Glass. The Property of Mr & Mrs Fritz Biemann

A Collection of Chinese Peking Glass

The Benzian Collection of Ancient & Islamic Glass

The Joseph R. Ritman Collection of 16th and 17th Century Dutch Glass

The Dahlgren Collection of French Paperweights

Important Lalique from the Collection of Marvin Kagan and Diane Austin

An Important Collection of 17th & 18th Century English Glass - the property of Anthony

Estelle Doheny Collection: European and American Paintings, Prints, Furniture and Works

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